About us

We are Slovenian professional guides association. We bring together individuals who are working actively as tourist guides in the cooperation with various companies. Being a tourist guide represents tous much more than just an occasional hobby and possible additional income. Membership in the Slovenian professional guides association is seen as honor and a mission at the same time. We strive to raise awareness of our profession among wider audience and thus with our work and efforts contribute to the development of tourism in Slovenia.

Tourist guide is our profession and we perform it with love, respect and a lot of responsibility in mind.

This means responsibility to our customers, passengers, local partners and providers, destinations and countries. We are aware that our profession is often the only one in the chain of touristic offer that is in contact with passengers, with tourists, which we all try to please and make them come back. Therefore, we know that tourist guides are those who can conjure the destination and can make decisive impact on the perception of visitors thus consequently contribute to the development. Tourist guide is the

one that with the right approach can develop long-term relationships and increases customer satisfaction. We recognize the responsibility we carry to local partners and providers. Only informed and knowledgeable tourist guides are the one who can advise the passenger on the destination, assist and directed them to local producers, thereby encouraging local consumption and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of destinations.

However, not anybody can do this. Good work and excellent guiding can be only delivered by well-trained and talented tourist guide with a lot of experience, who at the same time enrich and promote personal growth and continuous professional development. Feeling wider social responsibility, continuous further education both at home and abroad and the desire for personal growth and professional development are those things that distinguish the members of the Club of professional tourist guides from the usual licensed tourist guide.

Our mission is performed in many ways. We are active in our own or partner, domestic or international projects in which we connect with other players in the tourism industry. Together we contribute to sustainable development and increase the social responsibility of each link in the chain of tourist services.

We want to:
• contribute to upgrading the image of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination.
• to expand our knowledge into various spheres of tourism and share our experience with others.
• to promote synergies between different fields of tourism.

We do our best and we will strive to make tourism in Slovenia, in the spirit of sustainable development,profitable industry with elements of a broad social responsibility. Responsibly we will contribute our part and hope that we all together can be linked into a unique whole.

Slovenian professional guides association


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